About Us

The Colorado Hydrogen Coalition is a Colorado Cleantech Industries Association initiative devoted to accelerating development of the hydrogen fuel cell technologies market in Colorado and promoting collaborative stakeholder engagement across sectors.

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Short Term Goals

  • Develop and engage robust stakeholder group
  • Federal, State, and local government, fleets, OEMs, industry, utilities, gas providers, universities, labs
  • Create Colorado FCEV plan/roadmap
  • Strategically identify infrastructure needs and locations
  • Recommend statewide policy, regulatory, and standards framework for FCEVs
  • Locate and develop first refueling station

Long Term Goals

  • Make Colorado the first non-ZEV state for FCEV deployment
  • Statewide codes and standards development
  • Strategic deployment of fueling station network
  • Create Colorado jobs by locating and fostering supply-side industries for FCEVs and hydrogen infrastructure
  • Develop policy to incentivize FCEVs and hydrogen infrastructure
  • Align with Colorado academia curricula and work force training

Our Leadership

Jack Paterson

CHC Chairman
(720) 3337-7727

Mary Austin

Partnerships Director, CCIA
(303) 775-2364

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